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    Post Fantasy Campaign Regional Map

    I'm hoping to find someone willing to create a regional map for my ongoing campaign world. I'm working on a website, and the map where the map would be a centerpiece. Once (if) it gets posted, I would cite your work however you wanted to. I also plan to post a PDF of the world on the site, and you would be attributed there as well. This is a vanity project, so I wouldn't expect much publicity from it though. PM me if you are interested in this. Thanks!

    I have a small budget set aside for the map and a little art. I can pay fifty dollars for a well made map. I also have a trade list of some rpgs/comics, and if you are more interested in those goods, I can trade you more than fifty bucks worth of stuff (link).

    Some information about what I'm hoping for:


    * [Paid, I am happy to pay $50 for the map]

    Time Constraints

    * Negotiable. I really have no idea how long this takes. A month or two?


    * In perusing this website, I am blown away by maps in this style:

    Description of Map

    * The map will basically cover an area the size of the eastern US with a few small islands off the coast. It will have a few cities scattered throughout. It's an underdeveloped area, so it should focus on natural features (forests, mountains, etc). It will be roughly 700 miles north to south and the same east to west. There will be some room for creative input from the cartographer.

    Quality & Size

    * You'll have to help me with size and vector and stuff. I envision being able to take it to a printer and making a poster out of it. I'd also like to put it on the hypothetical website. That may not be feasible. That's why I need your expertise.

    Copyright -
    * I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain.
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