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    Wip The Realm of Parthwon

    This is my first mapping attempt. Before I go on to posting maps, a brief history of how Parthwon came to be. Parthwon was created by the classic Frankenstein procedure. Piecing together numerous D&D 2.0 adventures/campaigns gave birth to the now living, breathing world of Parthwon. Parthwon is now home to over 10 years of gaming and 3 current adventuring groups.

    Parthwon first took shape as a simple pencil/pen drawing on white paper like so:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Parthwon World Map.jpg 
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    Thus the world took form. Continents rose from the void of the seas and life soon sprung forth into the world. My photoshop skills were novice at best back then though. So the first color version of the map was limited to what I call "the colored pencil" look. Regardless of the quality, Parthwon now had mountains, grasslands, swamps, and more importantly, life.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Parthwon World Map - Color (Old).jpg 
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    And that's the way Parthwon remained for many years. Through photoshop I added a few things here and there via layers and such (i.e. an underwater view, location of active volcanoes, monastaries, etc). Overall though, Parthwon didn't change until a few weeks ago.

    If the map's previous incarnations gave my home brew world life, it's newest version (made from skills I've picked up lurking on the forums) has made my world all the more real. I'm incredibly excited to do more work over time and I have to honestly say that this experience has truly invigorated numerous aspects of my imagination. I look forward to sharing more as the world evolves and grows.

    I present to you the new and improved realm of Parthwon:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Parthwon World Map - Color.jpg 
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