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    Map World Map

    Hi all,

    I was working on Ascensions TUT as you probably read in my new guy post and I wanted to share what I have done so far. I took his TUT and followed it to a point and then started experimenting to see what I could come up with. I have not yet added Rivers to this because I am looking at it closely so I can try to make the River Police happy.. and also because I am a picky details kind of person. So here is a link to the map I am working on at my websites gallery. The website is a multi-interest website that I have restarted so if you go wondering it does not have to much there yet. That is also a work in progress. So on to the link.. please let me know what you think of it so far.

    Warning, if you click on this to get a look at the bigger one... it is a HUGE map. 4000x2200.

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    I am looking at the Shelf and in some places like the lakes on the right hand continent look a little funny to me.. What does everyone else think?

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    You can use the Blur tool to fade out any of that beveling that you don't like there in those lakes.
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    Ah cool I will have to try that. Thanks for that tip. =)

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    I ended up changing the shelf a bit and it seems better and I have added the rivers layer onto the map. It seems to be working good and is not to over powering anywhere on the map, the only thing i think I am wondering about is the placement of them. Take a look and see what you all think. MAP

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    Guess most everyone is busy since it is during the week. hope to see some comments soon and get an idea of how I did with it so far.

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    I think the reason you haven't gotten many replies is that many people check this from their workplaces during the day. If you use the attachment feature, they'll be able to see the maps here on the website. Having to go to another, unknown website can be risky on the job, because you never know whether it's a 'work safe' link. Additionally, with the new board theme, links are not readily apparent. It took me a minute or two of scanning your whole post with my mouse to find the link. If you're going to use links, you might want to add underline tags to them:
    [ U ] Underlined [ / U ]
    (Without any spaces)

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    The map overall looks good to me. The mountains look a little funny though, like they all end in cliffs facing the north. I think the black shading in that direction is too bold or short. One lake (NW continent) has a bunch of green artifacts (or really small islands) in it, and I'd clean it up. A large portion of the coast is a bit grainy around that area. The rivers in the greener areas are barely discernible even at full view with my screen brightness and contrast all the way up.

    Other than that, I think it looks great.

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    The website is safe, it is my own personal website. I don't have anything on there that is unsafe for work etc... I'd post it the images here but the file is to big so that is not really an option. I did notice that grainy looking spots your talking about and not sure yet how to fix that. Probably a smudge tool or blur perhaps. the mountains I am not sure yet how to get a more above look to them but yea I agree it does look like the view is all from an angled view. I have an idea for fixing teh rivers I'll try out and then see how it goes.

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    Ok I made a couple of adjustments to the map. I beefed up the rivers a tad but I am worried they show up to much. Mountains I changed a bit and am still trying to decide if that looks right. I will get tothe edges of the land masses later since in my head it makes no sense to fix that until i have the other features corrected.
    Due to the size of the map I am posting it on my own webpage.. it is work safe. Link below

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