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    Default Hi All

    Hello everybody,

    I discovered this site several months back and was awed by the degree of skill and talent demonstrated by the guildies within. There are some truly remarkable pieces of artwork represented here, and I applaud, and thank, you all for the amount of care and effort that you have put into this site. I have really appreciated reading through some of the tutorials posted herein.

    A bit about me. I am thirty, married, a full time student studying philosophy, and enamored with all things fantastical. I have been working on building my own RPG campaign setting for a number of years, and had drawn a few hand drawn maps to furnish it. After seeing some of the work done on this site however, I endeavored to create a Raster based regional map for my campaign. Hence, over Christmas break I downloaded GIMP and began to pour through its user manual and to browse various online cartography tutorials. I am nearly finished with that map and will be posting it shortly. For now I'd just like to formally introduce myself to the Guild, and to once again thank you all for this site: I have befitted tremendously from your combined support.


    Arsheesh (a.k.a. Tad)
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    Howdy and welcome.
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    Welcome to the Guild!
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    Welcome Aboard!
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