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Thread: First Map: Ascension(ish) Style!

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    Wip First Map: Ascension(ish) Style!

    Hello all,

    I am nearing the final stages of my first map (still have to add town/region names etc.). This is a map of Eriond, a world I created to use as a campaign setting for D&D. The map was done completely using GIMP. Save for a few stylized deviations, I followed Gidde's GIMP conversion tutorial of Ascension's Atlas Style (a link to which may be found here:[Award-Winner]-My-atlas-style-in-PS/page15

    I owe allot of gratitude to both Ascension and Gidde. Before beginning this project, I had exactly 0 knowledge of GIMP, Photoshop, or any other map-making software for that matter. Yet due to their excellent tutorials, GIMP's user manual, and allot of trial and error, I managed to learn enough to create this map. Thanks you guys.



    P.S. Corrective feedback is appreciated.
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