This 2 page (8x11") map was drawn for an adventuring exercise for a player to locate several items. This is only 2 pages of what was 11 in this map.

The images were scanned as grayscale images, then had the brightness/gamma/saturation adjusted to remove all the dull lines and/or brighten other lines and stitched in MS Paint.

Simple summary of what happened... This adventure took place 10 years ago (real -time) so I'm not going to remember a lot of it.

Two races are in a VERY bitter racial dispute for political reasons. Phayons and Quizorthians (who live on different planets) are going at it right and left. Quizorthians have powerful magic and are highly numbered at this time period and Phayons have tons of technology and mass numbers. Turning in Quizorthians to the Phayon government is VERY lucrative and one can relatively easily make themselves rich, which is a good thing during a time in which most races and most of the population is poverty stricken.

This adventure takes place once the Quizorthian population reaches into only the hundreds and 99% of the race is in hiding... So the player (Quizorthian) decides to separate himself from his small band of people (various races) and to see if he can locate some other survivors in various locations. One of them is located in the highlands of Quizorthia called "Star Summit Range". Its a place of many caverns, caves and all kinds of locations to hide. Of course, the Phayons are looking around to also make a quick buck. The player takes his chances with his training both physically and magically to allow him to overcome many mercenaries, bounty hunters and anyone else who tries to do harm. During the adventure, he managed to rescue 16 Quizorthians (8 of them children) and killed some 30 Phayons.

Ultimately after he was done searching the area, he resumed his search in other locations but he still didn’t really find what took him to that location in the first place. One of his own men managed to snatch the item before he found it. Which ended up putting the PC into grave danger, as well has his whole race.

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