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Thread: Suggestions for Vecna's Tower in the center of Pandaemonium

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    Question Suggestions for Vecna's Tower in the center of Pandaemonium

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this or not (I was thinking in the requests section, but I don't want anyone to make this for me, just to offer suggestions). With that out of the way, I'm going to be starting to design Vecna's secret tower in the center of the plane of Pandaemonium, and I was looking for suggestions for fantastic architecture/building ideas to include in the tower. I haven't designed anything this EPIC - pun intended - before, and thought perhaps the veterans would have some ideas that they may have use in planar buildings before. Thanks in advance, and again, sorry if this is the wrong place to put this.

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    I'd say it's an appropriate place for the discussion.

    I guess my first question is whether Vecna has a secret tower on Pandemonium in D&D canon, or is this an addition? If he did then I guess you'd probably want to stick with anything that's known about it. If he didn't...well then, you're free to play aren't you?

    I don't know 1E cosmology that well but I'm more up on 2E, thanks to Planescape. Pandemonium is a cool place, I think...solid rock, bored out like a rotten apple, right? With a crazy, random wind that might ruffle your hair...or pick you up and carry you a few miles. If that's the one I'm remembering then I'd suggest, first of all, that you don't make it a tower at all. How about some sort of M.C. Escher-ish kind of thing with variable gravity that sits in its own pocket cavern? I might not even make it connected to the rest of the plane by tunnels...Vecna was a paranoid sort, wasn't he? I prefer geometric shapes in general but it might be cool to go with something more organic, sort of maybe echoing Vecna's birthing the "science" of "bio-engineering". I'm out of ideas until I go read more about Pandemonium and Vecna.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I loves me some planar weirdness.

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    Thanks for the ideas. I'm going to be playing this in 4th edition, and there is a brief mention of Vecna's tower in the new Manual of the planes, but its not more than "Legend says that Vecna has a secret tower somewhere in the vastness of pandemonium." So that lets me figure it all out for my self. I like the idea of an M.C. Escher sort of feel (although that sounds pretty difficult to design ), that sounds good for a place called Pandemonium. I was thinking of having each floor of the tower sort of floating in space, with just a staircase (or perhaps magic elevator, or even teleporter) connecting each floor, and if you want to move around the outer ring of a floor, you will be buffeted by the Wind, which has all sorts of negative effects. Hey, yeah, I'll have each "Disc" of the tower floating generally above each other but disconnected, so from the side it looks like a series of floating trays with buildings on them, stretching ever higher into the dark caverns of Pandemonium. That way it will look something like this (but with a fantasy instead of sci-fi look, and with a little separation between the floors).

    Any other suggestions for stuff to use in the interior of the tower would be most appreciated.

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