I just want to say that if you get busy in life for a few days much less a week, there is just too much happening here to keep up with. I try to swing by and welcome a few new members, I try to check out the various maps that are being worked on and say a few encouraging words but I can't keep up!

I don't know how you guys that are responsible for the site can do it on a regular basis. I entered the monthly contest for January and that alone takes up most of my time for this.

So, if you are a new member, and I didn't say hello, just accept it from here: "Hello and welcome!"

I feel like a kid in a candy shop. I see all the bright bubbles flashing with folks' WIPs and completed maps and I race from one thread to another. While I'm doing that more good stuff is being uploaded...it's a veritable cornucopia of joy rides for the imagination here. About like when I once went to Disneyland on a Monday and there were no lines on any of the rides, we just ran from the exit back to the start of space mountain....man those were the days.