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Thread: Maps for my Novel..please advise, comment

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    Map Maps for my Novel..please advise, comment


    I am currently writing my first novel.... The Last Strider

    I believe that concept art and maps will help the audience to engage with my book...well i hope....

    Please tell me what you think of the attachments

    I use photoshop cs3, but am not good at following tutorials as i dont always understand them

    What i did, was make a green blob and then just erased/added bits, etc... the 2 jpegs took me 5 hours in total
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Name:	map3 copy.jpg 
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Name:	map3flat copy2.jpg 
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    Looks pretty good to me other than a couple of river violations: the one in the top right, a river would not split to go around a mountain chain; and the one in the bottom right looks like a H turned sideways, again rivers don't split and stay split unless it's a delta. Your deltas, in general, are all quite big and look to be hundreds of miles long but I'm fine with exaggerating things for aesthetic sake so, while they're big, I can live with 'em. I'm sure you're very happy about that My sense of humor notwithstanding, everything else looks really nice but I'd like to see them a bit bigger (loves me some eye candy).
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    Thanks for the advice

    I am such a newbie to creating things in photoshop.....

    Have added higher resoltion image and snip of character for book...I am adapting this one...still need to do lots of shading etc.....trying to go for manga look

    This is an impressive site, and I will be adding a link to my website if thats ok?
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    I really like that city in the middle!

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    I to'ed and fro'ed with putting a city in the middle.... But as that city will be important in thestory and is advanced in structure, u can see it from the sky....

    Debatable ....

    Making it was simple ... I just did random shapes then added embos to the city layer.... Simples

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    Quote Originally Posted by flickimp View Post
    This is an impressive site, and I will be adding a link to my website if thats ok?
    No problem with a having a link to your site, you may want to add it to your signature which you can edit by clicking on the My Settings link at the top of the page.
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    Sorry, what i meant was that I would be adding a link with the cartographers guild address in.... as i think there are some that visit my site that would be interested in this one...

    So many maps, ideas, tutorials and great people here!

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    Just to let you know, that many of my firends are so overjoyed at me referring them to this site.

    Why didn't we find it sooner!!!!!

    Hopefully, i will be creating miniature city concetp art and adding that to my map...and eventually to

    Kudos to all the tutorials that have been posted on this site!

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    Looking pretty good. The rivers still look a little off to me...the widths are maybe too uniform or something. I also like how the city is looking, though you might want to be sure to have the river actually "cut" through the city. Overall it is coming along nicely.

    Kudos on the web design too, by the way.

    Also, may want to move this thread over to the "Regional/World Mapping" heading as that one is more for WIPs.
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    Cereth - A very good point.... I did make the rivers using one brush size...damn i didnt think of varying it!!!!

    Sorry what does WIPS stand for?

    Glad you like the website, used to base it on.

    I'm glad that people are liking the map....its the first time I have ever created a map..... took almost 10 long hours in total of playing around and making the most og photoshop.
    For a first go, I am pleased!

    Thanks again to all that have viewed it

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