Introducing myself.
I am a professional in ICT. I work a lot with computers, people and processes. I solve windows IIS problems, make things work and well thats my job.

I love to fiddle with software to create what i have in my mind. recently i saw a few interresting pictures from a very old game (dungeons & dragons version 1) which i found mindblowing. See for yourself here: The ZittBlog)
The same day i saw that i found out that it was done with bryce. not a real cartographer thing, but more a way to make people (read: RPG gaming party) look more at my maps.
if you have a map it is nice, if you add some pictures to it... consistent with the map it will be awesome. (a least... thats what i think.)

i have never produced anything myself, except a lot of crap... so i am now focussing to create something nice. Don't know yet how and what... I have imagination enough, it just needs to be placed in maps, graphics and stories (converted into RPG games)