During the discussion of how to restore the Finished Maps search string, I played around with the new search module. It kinda works, but not quite.

I open the Advanced Search page, click over to "Search by Type," put my name in the User Name field and change the drop-down to Find Threads Started by User.
In the Additional Options, I scroll down and highlight Tutorials/How-To.
Click the Radio button for Show Results as Threads, and hit Search Now.

The search results show a single thread: my tutorial about using the Clone Stamp tool (the most recent I wrote). Going back through the forum, though, I see that my other tutorials are still there.
If I forget to click that radio button, I get no results at all. If I choose Show Results as Posts, I get no results.

It's possible that I am doing something wrong, but I'm a fairly savvy user, so if I can't figure it out, it's fairly likely that a large number of other people will also have trouble.

I'm poking around in vBulletin's forums to see if anyone has addressed the problem, but I'm not seeing much yet.