Hello again to everyone.

I've finally got round to starting this assignment.

An update - I am a mature student currently studying ICT at Doncaster University Centre and have been given an assignment relating to a fictional map making company.

(I must firstly apologise as I have no experience of map making whatsoever - and hope this post does not offend anyone - it certainly is not my intention).

The basic idea of the assignment is to design a new computer room for the company and choose a selection of relevant computer hardware and software (to install into the room) that would best assist the map makers in their work. Two options must be provided - a 'watch the pennies' option and a 'money is no object' system.

I would be very much obliged for any advice relating to certain questions that have arisen.

Question 1:

Could anyone advise what a basic industry standard software would be?

I'm planning to use a Windows operating system (xp or 7) for the computer work stations and a Windows server operating system (2003 or 200 for the server - the cartography software must, therefore, be compatible.

If it's ok I will probably post a few questions over the next few days.

Also if anyone knows any sites or links etc... that would also be fantastic.

My email address should also be available if anyone wishes to contact me directly (if it's not available please let me know).

Many thanks.