I have seen some of you have invented a very own species; like me, and I wish to know more about them, I'm very interested in anything that is not human lol

If you have invented a species, please post something about it

This is mine:
Maraxxian (Maraxxiai)
Average Length: 2,12 meters

Average Weight: 98 kilograms

-Haridaxxian (Maraxxian): 92%
-Faljüdax: 6,3%
-Haridaxxian (Original): 1,6%
-English (Common): 0,1%

Total population: 5.476.291.000.000 (est.)

Home planet: Maraxxia

Closest Relative: Falidaxian (Faljüdaxa)

Diet: Carnivore

Average Skin Color: Human skin color with a little bit of red.

Average Life Span: 130 years

Type: Humanoid

Racial uniquenesses: Long muscle from tip of shoulder to behind ear, medium to high telepathic abilities.