Right then ! This month the challenge was as follows:

"This months challenge is where you must make a map which fits into one or more other existing maps on the guild. The idea is to make either a small part of someone else map like a building in a city and map that building or to use the other persons map as a small part of your entry. I.e. you take somebody's village and make a regional map with lots of villages on it one of which is the reference map.

Ideally you could map something which has both an existing larger and a smaller map and bridge the two with your entry. I.e. find a house and a regional map and make a town in that region with the house somewhere in the town."

and we have a good turnout of 10 entrants of which Torstan has withdrawn due to him selling his entry !!! A winner already. So with 9 entrants that means this month you get to vote for just the one selection.

as the voting should be based on:

"Voting should be based on the general quality of the map but also should take into account the continuity of the reference maps too."

and that second bit is a little difficult to visualize so this month I have a complete set of movies for those of you who wish to check how well their maps scaled with the references. The videos are in XviD format so a player like MediaPlayer or VLC (freeware download for multiple OS'es) should be ok.


Don't forget to check out the Thumbnails too.

Voting will close at end of month which is 5 days from now. Make sure you REP your favorite entries. May the best third of you win ! If we have a draw in the top 3 then we may have to have a special one day vote off or something.