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    Default Dungeon a week

    Hi, I'm french designer
    For fans of maps and plans, or for the dungeons users during parts of D & D, I launch my blog SIMULaccro on the challenge: "A Dungeon per week". Each week you will discover a new dungeon any good to use or enjoy! Largely inspired by what you do, I intend to regularly published a new dungeon. But it seems that the maps and plans as "keep" does not seem attracted little or home in France. Who knows why. However, this can be an excellent support for all parts of role playing, and assists a game master in his heavy task of preparing parts game

    Below here is the first my ship, which opens to the next card in the same format. Regarding the presentation, I can already say that they will geomorphic, that is to say they can assemble them, and regardless of the direction that we can give them.

    EDIT January 30, 2010
    I propose a new version of this module. So I changed after creating new textures fully customized. In addition, for use as a game board, I scaled the dungeon aligned with the standard Dungeons & Dragons ©; on the grid, each cell is 2.5 cm and a box of 1.5 m in the game world

    See dungeon No 1
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    Dungeon a week - Map No. 2

    Second dungeon online ! Little or no originality is a plan to keep the symmetrical shapes. In the center, one can imagine a temple or a crypt. To you to work your imagination! And do not forget that the first map may well join the one below ...

    See Dungeon No 2
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    Dungeon a week - Map No. 3

    This is the third module for the mega-dungeon under construction!
    To improve the concept, I did in the novel. Thus, you may notice a tile light brown and two rows of statues.
    This helps spice without overwhelming, and leaves the MD total freedom in his personal creation ...

    See Dungeon No 3
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    Welcome! Good use of CC3/DD3 there!
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    Nice maps I like the layout and it should look great pieced all together.

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    I should add some details on the composition of my dungeon. I never used the software Profantasy of CC3. This is true. However, I made the mistake of using a texture (those stones) and the doors. The statues and everything else, I did it myself. So, not to touch the copyright Profantasy, I'll change my dungeons. Sorry for the inconvenience ...

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    I just made a version "Print" in black and white of the first dungeon. Here is a link below:

    See the file : Dungeon No. 1 in black and white
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    Dungeon a week - Map No. 4

    This dungeon is a central arena. Around four balconies overlooking the stage. Bottom right, you can see a secret passage that allows to move from the arena floor. And with this, as a bonus, some pits tips to spice up the adventure of exploration!

    See Dungeon No 4
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    Those spiky pit traps look like serious business!
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    Dungeon a week - Map No. 5

    This week is a module with a dungeon room in the basement with a small platform (an altar, perhaps?), A corridor with columns and a secret door put there for fun.

    See Dungeon No 5
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