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Thread: Basic City. Far from finished.

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    Default Basic City. Far from finished.

    Hey Folks.
    It has been a very long time since I had the energy or time to even think about posting some work up here on these wonderful forums. I have forgotten nearly everything I learned a couple years ago, lost my laptop (which had PS CS3 on it) lost most of my files from that I have had to start anew. I recently downloaded GIMP and have found it to be a nice 'lite' version of Photoshop. (without the insane price tag).

    Problems with this sucka:
    1. Terrain does not make much sense. This is mostly due to my technical ineptitude and pathetic laziness.
    2. Roads. Do they make sense? I suppose they would depend greatly on the terrain.
    3. Buildings. This is where I always get hung up on maps. There just does not seem to be a quick easy way to lay out buildings.

    I've poured over these forums looking for various tutorials on how to create quick easy buildings that actually make sense. I found (i think it was Ascensions? If not forgive me..) the tutorial using the 'random rpg city generator', but found it a bit too limiting. I really like to get in there and mess with the layout too much. I also found some more complicated tutorials that I really could not understand. Any ways...

    The small grouping of brown poo houses is a selection that I used a square brush set to high jitter, basically painted over and prodded until I got the look I wanted. It is very tedious.
    Anyways. This is about two hours of research for tutorials and maybe 45 min. of actual painting.
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