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Thread: CC3 Serial Number Problem

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    Help CC3 Serial Number Problem

    I got CC3 used from a friend so the serial number worked for the installation but it won't let me register on the website. Theres some huge pixelation bug that is fixed by getting the latest patch. Is there any way of getting the patch without registering? What's the point of registration being required to get the patch anyways? If someone downloaded it illegally the version they downloaded would probably have the patches on it anyways so it's not like theyre keeping people from downloading it illegaly.

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    There is no legal way to get the patch without registering the software at Profantasy's site. The Cartographers Guild does not allow its members to ask for or answer requests on how to obtain software illegally. If you bought it from your friend, the serial number is probably registered already in his name. If you and your friend contact Profantasy customer support, they are usually very good about transferring ownership of the CC3 software license and serial number from the original owner's email address (your friend) associated with the account and serial number to the email address of the new owner (you).
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    Quote Originally Posted by zed leppelin View Post
    Theres some huge pixelation bug that is fixed by getting the latest patch. (sic)

    Someone with an illegal copy would not get the bug patch and might be very annoyed. Sounds like registration is a working solution.

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