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Thread: The Dwarven Highway

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    Default The Dwarven Highway

    I have been sketching quite a few places for a campaign I'm putting together.
    The 1st part of it involves traveling on a very long underground highway.
    The highway was created by the dwarves to open up a trade route.
    There are several places that I will try to post when I get them presentable.
    The perspective images are for my reference and maybe for the players.
    I should and will make overhead maps for each perspective image.

    Tonights work is The Watering Hole.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Picture 1.png 
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Name:	Picture 2.png 
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Name:	Picture 3.png 
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    Looks great. Can't wait to see it finished...and the ones to come.

    Also, what a great place to adventure! Please tell us more about your setting when you get a chance. I'm assuming the route is no longer the domain of dwarves and is inhabited by some really nasty Underdark denizens? Got to have some Mind Flayers. Back when Wizards was still selling old 2E stuff in PDF form I picked up the creature books on illithids, beholders, and sahaugin along with the adventures that went with them. Fun stuff.

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    Lookin good, man.
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    I'll second Mearrino69. I'm GMing a campaign and we are just wrapping up an extensive dungeon delve into Dwarven ruins. I'd be really interested to get a fresh take on the subject. Oh, and the image looks great by the way.



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    This is good stuff DevinNight!

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    I like the flat colours. That's looking lovely.

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    Yes, very nice. It seems like there is a sudden rise in these ISO maps around here and I expect to see more because I know I'm interested in attempting one now. I've never done one before but why let that stop me

    I also love the subject. I have yet to finish my world map for my gaming group much less the dwarven areas. This is thought provoking.

    Thank you.
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    More perspective-y stuff, I like it!
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    Thanks for the encouragement guys.
    Here is the almost finished map.

    I'll go into more detail on the project when I have more time.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I absolutely love your work, my friend. Very impressive. I was inspired by your ICE dungeon for my current project. I am particularly impressed by your shading, as well as the interesting blend between a hand-drawn look and the sharpness of digital art. Keep up the good work!

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