I've been working on a new city map for my novel I've started writing. After getting a few chapters in, I've decided to make a map of the city (the entire novel takes place within the city).

The map is 25% of the actual size, and the stroke on the walls and the towers is a bit strong but I think that is because I resized it before I flattened it (whoops!). But still, you can get an idea of what it'll look like.

The map will be in a similar style to my Tressimere one, with a few more details. For those curious, the way I do buildings is I draw basic shapes on their own layer with the line tool (20-30px for regular buildings). Then I add a style layer of 2px stroke and 3px drop shadow. Then I draw the peaks of the roof on with a 2px line tool. Then I darken the sides of the roof that should be shadowed. And then I use a 1px brush, with tablet pen pressure opacity to make the roof tiles.

It takes forever, but I like the result.

Someone said I should do a tutorial and I plan to do so after I finish this map.