As many who know me personally understand... I have a love for early 1900s horror/wierd stories. I own a couple of hardcover books of HP Lovecraft (and the stories he also edited) and a big number of my BBEGs are clearly inspired by Lovecraft-esque themes. So I feel, that this 1-page test, I will make as a homage the the GREAT HP Lovecraft.

I am considering taking a quick straw poll from people first...

1) Madman's Laboratory
2) Mental Asylum
3) Underground "Ryl'yeh" type complex
4) Ancient Building suitably filled with beasties (possible Haunted House-type option here)
5) Cursed Landscape...

Please put your Straws on my Profile. I'll check in a day or two and then go from there.

*Sighs the contented sigh of Cthulhu*