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  • Yes please, I like doing it and I think it would be good for newbies to CG

    6 35.29%
  • No thanks, Challenge-Lite + Big Challenge is enough challenge already... *hides*

    9 52.94%
  • Now about this challenge, does it include Salvador Dali-style art...?

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Thread: RPG One-Shots

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    Question RPG One-Shots

    Okay, another simple idea.
    You need to map a:

    • structure (or complex like a church compound or mansion) OR
    • cavern system OR
    • wilderness location of suitable complexity (i.e. not a flat empty field)

    AND Include ON THE MAP a quick blurb on what would happen here. It's a variation on the OPDC and I think it could potentially make a good Micro-Challenge. So the Big Challenge (the one GP has one too many times), the Challenge Lite and the One-Shot Map Challenge... Plus One-Shot maps with a limited size and "direct" scope (i.e. A church, a village, a cavern) would potentially ease the newbies into more Challenges... unlike me who just jumped in a full challenge off the bat.

    The idea would also be to make these of a "Print & Sell" kind of quality.

    Do people think it is a good idea to add to the different challenges available?
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