So I have always wondered if there´s a way to create a generator like this I understand it sort of mixes and plays with previously input prefixes and sufixes to create a list of names, I want to know whether it is possible to create my own, i´ve a new language in works, it has a different alphabet, different pronounciation, different grammar... and what´s best of it, whence I can make it look presentable I will share it here, it is in a quite good stage of development but still not complete, I am looking for a flow, it should be speaken fluidly and without difficulty, the alphabet must not be hard to be written yet look misterious and fascinating, there is a certain musicality and rithm that it lacks in the moment but I hope I can work around it shortly, so what I wanted to do is put different inputs into the generator, inputs from my made up language, to create different outputs with the mixer, is that possible? if not I am going to have to stick with my mechanic method of name generation (I make strips of papers with prefixes and put them into one bag, and sufixes in another, then take randomly and put together)