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    Default Illustrator Tutorials

    How to create cartography in Illustrator
    Nice tutorial, but very basic.
    Are there any good tutorials for mapping in illustrator? All I've found are road-map tutorials. Are there no 'ancient' tutorials?

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    ooh! I'll take a look at that when i need a break from the current projet. I have illustrator, but using it primarily for text layers seems a bit overkill. i really should learn to use it for more than live tracing
    thanks for posting the link, and if I can figure out how to do an antique map with it, I'll let everyone know!

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    This is my opinion on Illustrator. It's a great tool to use before moving into PS to finish the map. Illustrator allows you to set up rooms and floorplans and even some objects quickly.. but the work is usually pretty flat. To add depth, texture, shading PS or Gimp is the next step in the process. I'm not saying that a great maps couldn't be made in Illustrator, I just think that's it's strength is to help get a good map started.

    I don't have any tutorials, though when I wrap up my current work load I could probably make at least one. I had a small step by step process for creating a stone wall in Illustrator as a custom brush which could then be applied to any outline for an instant and rather pretty wall.

    Using Live Trace is also a huge blessing in many ways.

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    HandsomeRob posted a tutorial that uses Fractal Terrains and Illustrator. It's a bit difficult to follow, but it's got some nice tips in it. I followed part of it for my Wheel of Time map.

    You might also look around for Inkscape tutorials. I don't recall if there are any off the top of my head, but if you find any they should be fairly easy to translate.
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    I find this tutorial. It is very good.

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