The aim: Try to convert one of my (not really) old map, made with inkscape, into a bitmap map with a more suggestive appearence.

The map is a large regional map of my world, and cover the domains (Lin "The sea" and Rin "the earth") of a demi-god named Duruss'ma.

The original map (some layers are not visible):

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Firt mission, to draw a bump map for the relief ( a map with a shade of grey associated with an altitude). After exporting altitude's layers (1000m, 2000m and 4000m) from inkscape to GIMP, i have added more altitude's layers (from 0m to 7000m). For the colors i use a regular scale of grey (black = 0m, grey 95% black = 500m, grey 90% = 1000m...). With a lot of work, using pencil, selection's tools and bluring, i have my bump map:

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Next, i will draw the terrain and the sea.