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Thread: Savage Age - Euria

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    Default Savage Age - Euria

    This map shows the region of Euria in my fantasy world of Savage Age. Because of the huge size, I'm uploading a heavily resized preview version in addition to the real deal.

    I'm fairly happy with the general style of the map itself and the border. Still alot of work left naming towns, mountains, seas, etc. I think I'll need to add icons for hills to better represent foothills and highlands, but I haven't managed to find any hill brushes that'd actually look good with the mountains I currently use. The desert could also use something to liven it up a bit. It's not that much of a problem in this map since there's such a small stretch of it showing, but should I move on to mapping more southerly regions there's going to be a *lot* of desert.
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    Wonderful job Ghostman. Very detailed. I really like the names you came up with as well. Repped.



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    Very pretty indeed. Were those mountains from a brush or did you really draw out each and every one by hand?

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    I looove this map. You posted this one or at least part of it some time ago, right?
    I would really like to read about the history and the background of this world AND i hope that you will post more maps of the rest of the world (i saw a worldmap somwhere and i liked the shape a lot and wondered "how is it in that corner...and how is it in this one over there...and ... and... - i think you get the idea ).
    I hope you'll keep us informed...

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    This is progressing nicely indeed!
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    That's some good stuff there, Gman. Love the colors, verra nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by torstan View Post
    Were those mountains from a brush or did you really draw out each and every one by hand?
    I used my customized compilation of Wag's PS mountain brushes after they'd been GIMPified by RobA. I ought to put a link in my sig to direct people to this useful resource thread...

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    Wonderful map. The choice of colour is nice.
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