I stumbled across the forums today whilst googling for some map ideas, and have been lurking around most of the day browsing all the cool maps on here. I've been dabbling with some fantasy writing, and decided i needed to draft out some good place names and world layout. Thought i'd better sign up and introduce myself since i'm hoping to benefit from all the resources on here lol. I have a reasonable amount of experience with Photoshop, a little with Illustrator, and a lot of experience with Autodesk Maya, and general 3D stuff (although not sure if this will be much use for map making).

I've always been impressed with the lotr hand illustrated style of maps, as it's like there's all these little (or often large) stories and history going on with the names and towns etc and wanted to emulate that. So anyway, I started messing about in photoshop trying to achieve something along those lines, although it's all subject to change as i go along as it's just rough Wip. The mountains and tree's are a total rip-off in style, but i'm trying to jazz it up abit with little symbols for some of the towns and significant locations. Hope i've attached the image correctly. It was done in cs4 with a wacom.

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