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Thread: Three Dimensional Walls With Single Point Perspective

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    Question Three Dimensional Walls With Single Point Perspective

    I've seen a handful of computer generated "dungeoney" maps with three dimensional walls drawn with single point perspective. I tried to putz around in Photoshop to find a workable way to fake the effect, but I didn't end up with anything really useful.

    What software should I set my sights on to play around with this?
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    Well. The easiest solution (for me) would be to use Google SketchUp. It's a free 3d-modeling software, and does perspective and parallel projection (paraline/isometric). The learning curve is a little steep, but one can pick up pretty quickly.

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    Depends on what kind of approach you are comfortable with. It has been mentionesd a few times somewhere around here that what some people have done is do the layout in a plan view (top down) then turn that into a perspective view. How that is done would depend on the prog, but I would assume that it would be somewhere under the View menu. I would suggest having a grid on the layout before switching to the perspective cause it will aid you later picking out points in the proper scale. Once you have the perspective view you can start building your 3D image.

    I hope that helps
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