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Thread: Greetings, good people!

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    Default Greetings, good people!


    I discovered this site as part of my interest in fantasy maps.

    I'm not sure what started that interest - maybe it was the Myth games, maybe it was LotR, maybe both.

    I live in northern California (within spitting distance of Santa Cruz), and have a great interest in the historical Middle Ages as well as fantasy, so I tend towards being concerned with "realistic" (as opposed to "merely" having vermisiltude) more than most fantasy fans - one of my odd quirks, nothing more.

    Looking forward to learning, and hopefully contributing something.

    P.S. : Elennsar is from the Elven (Sindarin) words Elen and sar(n). The extra n has no meaning except to avoid name duplication.

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    Welcome and have fun poking around.
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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Hi Elensar, welcome to the Guild! If you like fantasy maps, then you've come to the right place. There are lots of great tutorials on fantasy map-making located in the tutorials, sub-section, and Ravells has posted a very helpful "Quickstart Guide to Fantasy Mapping" sticky located at the top of the Member Introductions sub-forum. I hope you will decide to contribute some of your work with us.



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