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Thread: Forum Tip: New Posts Viewing

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    Tutorial Forum Tip: New Posts Viewing

    This was brought up yesterday in the Community Leader discussion...I'm wondering if everyone is aware of the New Posts link on the menu bar.

    Since this site has several sections or sub-topics it can get kinda difficult sometimes ot keep track of which threads are being updated in which forums and keeping track of the entire site can be a chore if you let it...In comes the New Posts link.

    Look on the menu up there you'll see it..."New Posts".

    If you click that it will return a list of all the posts or threads that have been updated since your last visit. And it even works WHILE you're on the site...Its all I ever use...try it!
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    I've been using all along since I joined a week or so ago.

    I use it quite a lot but if I happen to be catching up on a thread, I also use the "View First Unread" when I open the thread to jump to the point that I ahven't read previously. (The Contest Threads for example)

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    d'oh! Never saw it. THANX!
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    Look on the menu up there you'll see it..."New Posts".
    Not to be picky or anything, but it says "Today's Posts" for me when I am not logged in.

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    I believe that is by design as it can't know what is new for you since it doesn't know who you are until you log in.
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