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    Help Ruined city map

    I need a map of a city for my new campaign. Here is the story. There once was city on the north bank of river, then the world end. The river dried up and half the city fell down a cliff as the river transformed into a deep valley. On top of that new river (much smaller came down from the north and split what was left of the city in two. Now about 3000 resident live inside the walls of the former metropolis, with rest lying in ruins. I am imagining the town in the smaller eastern half of the city and great adventure area on the west and down the cliff.

    My problem is that I am terrible a drawing city maps and would be for ever greatful if some could draw or modify something to my vision. I know this tall request, but web hunting found nothing I could use. I have CC3 so files in that format are just fine.

    Thanks. Sorry if this not the right place to put this.

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    ***Moved to Map Request Forum***

    Please read the sticky and provide the additional information - this will help you find a potential artist.
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    Thank you for guidance, will look in the right place now.

    As for more information this for you in Dungeons and Dragons game and I would like map that has the same feel as the ones that were published by wizards for 2nd and 3rd editions. As for pay, I can not afford anything but would not publishing rights or anything like that. Thanks so much. I would be fine with map that has already been done I just do not have time to look at the back maps despite how artistic they are.
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