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Thread: Maps by Boslok the Elder

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    Info Maps by Boslok the Elder

    This gentle does some nice maps for Greyhawk's CANONFIRE.

    Below is his maps of the city of Rel Astra for Greyhawk, and he has other maps on the canonfire site:
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    Link More Boslok Info....

    Thanks for reminding me about this fellow NeonKnight. Although its been several years now since he's updated, I was always impressed by his handdrawn and digital maps.

    The Rel Astra map is from his Rel Astra Campaign website at What really blew me away though was Boslok's earlier Irongate campaign at Once you enter, click on the "adventures" tab to read session summaries of a group he dm'ed. Each session has its own handdrawn map and I especially liked the Celestian Towers map as well as the maps of the places that the magic paintings that were the centerpoint of the campaign linked to. I wish he were still updating, good luck inviting him to the board. (Tried contacting him a long time ago, but he was mia.)

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