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    Map Atlas Class Deep Space Cargo Ship

    I've been pretty busy lately with work and Real Life (TM) so I haven't been around here (or other message boards) as much as I would like. I did finally finish my Atlas Class Cargo Ship (the WIP page can be found here) so I thought I would share the final version.

    I'm visualizing this cargo ship as having either an early FTL drive so cryo-pods are needed for the crew (who can be awaken should the computer detect an anomaly), or the company that employs this class of ship cuts back on gravity generation as a cost cutting measure.


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	atlas-cargo-ship.jpg 
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    Production Information

    Manufacturer: Kres-Kor Aerospace Construction
    Class: Deep Space Cargo Ship

    Technical Specifications
    Length: 187.5 meters (615 ft)
    Hyperdrive System: Yes
    Crew: 3
    Passengers: None
    Cargo Capacity: 21,662.4 cubic meters (765,000 cubic feet)
    Maximum Travel Duration: Six Months

    Role(s): Transport
    Affiliation: Corporations
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