I'm new here (can't you tell?) My son and I play a boardgame called Mutant Chronicles. The existing maps are kind of dull and I came here to request someone to make a map for us.

The miniatures are 54mm (quite large)
The map should be in a standard print size (36"x48" or something close to that)
White hexes are 1" in size with a white dot in the centre (for line of sight determination)
2D top-down view
The inside of a ruined gothic church (or cathedral) with broken pews, cast down edifices, alcoves, narrow upper levels, etc
The game is set in the future with heavy Bauhaus style elements, everything is overwrought (think Chronicles of Riddick's Necromongers)

Some examples of MC outdoor maps can be seen here (sorry, the link is in Spanish)

I don't have a fixed timeline here for the creation, I'm in no hurry, but a few months or so would be fine
Unsure of fair pay but I'm willing to start with $50.00 and discuss from there
Can pay via PayPal, or send a check if you wish

Contact me here or via my main email address (erik (at) richmonder (dot) com)

P.S. Some examples of famous churches are starting points: