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    Map No name

    I just finished the fourth, or maybe fifth, iteration of this map concept.
    Thanks to this tutorial:
    I was finally able to achieve a satisfactorily realistic coastline to base my map on.

    The map is of a yet unnamed world that exists in the fantasy novel I am writing, called Ironfist.

    As I said this map has gone from something made in paint, to something that used all my still rather limited knowledge of GIMP

    DeviantART page

    Also, there is a free internets for people who can decipher the meaning of some of the locations. The only location without a specific meaning is that of "Brockiea".

    I am open to any criticism, questions, or suggestions. I doubt this will be the last version of my map. after all, it has come a very long way.

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    It's always good be able to see your own progress. Some maps when you make them are obvious personal milestones when you look at them so I imagine this might be one for you.

    I think it looks good. I like the colours, the text looks good, as do the forest and mountains and things. I think the map would look better with a proper border that matches the traditional style you've gone for. And your compass seems to have a square "halo" so it doesn't blend in completely to the map.

    Unfortunately I don't think I can decypher many of the meanings! I know Silva is forest and I suspect Aureudom is something to do with gold.

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    Well, I did bastardize some of the roots, removing or relocating letters to sound better. But you are right about Aureudom, it has to do with gold.

    The biggest improvement in this map, over my previous ones, is that I used an organized system of layers and kept with it. My last map had mountains, trees, and text all in the wrong layers because I would forget which one I was in. Which made editing it very difficult. So I should be able to fix the compass easily enough, given that it has its own layer.

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    Silvaculture? Expatriates? Monarchy? A Ruling Empire? No more Boleros? Or maybe it is those Toreador vampires from white wolf.

    I am not sure where the names come from... the map looks good to me. Maybe a few more red marks for cities or towns? Some sort of road symbol to join it all together?

    is there a meaning to the runes or are they random decorations?

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