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Thread: Aerial Castle Photography Website

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    Link Aerial Castle Photography Website

    Earlier today, I thought to renew my efforts to create a medieval sort of city map, and in my searches, I found a wonderful website filled with several aerial snapshots of various castles in the British Isles.

    I hope I'm not inundating the forum with seemingly useless posts -- This find inspired me, so I thought it might inspire others. So, without further ado, here are some castles from the air.

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    Dontcha just love the interwebs? Those are nice.

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    Cool find!

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    Aw… I was hoping for photos of aerial castles!

    Very nice, and the high resolution samples look quite useful. The last aerial photos library I ran across had a max resolution of something like 600 x 400—not terribly useful for gleaning details.
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    That is cool. I was especially interested in the Sea Forts....that just seems insane but they must have done their job because they are still there. Amazing!

    Thanks for the link.
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