Hi all,

I am the creator of dnd.chromesphere.com. A D&D 'solo' based website, I have been working on casually over the last couple of years.

I would kindly ask, if there are any willing map makers out there, for 2 maps for the site; one of the town of Dragonshore and one zoomed out, of the surrounding country side.

I have 2 sketches of both of these areas. No labelling of the map of any kind is required, i can do that in fireworks. Any style is ok.




There are 2 scans of Dragonshore Town. My scanner feels compelled to guess what size the image is so i have attached both. You should be able to see everything between the 2 pics.

The sketches are some what detailed, the digital map does not have to be this way. Something basic is fine.

Unfortunately, the site makes around about 10c a month from advertising so i can't offer this as a paid job, but it does get a decent amount of traffic and I can post a thank you and direct link to a site of yours if desired. And of course you would have my thanks!

Thanks for your consideration!