Hi, actually had an account for a while, just never bothered to say anything until now. But anyways, I'm 16, currently doing I.T applications at college, so I know a good bit about computers (I do most of my art on it, when I get round to it. Slow artist >.>)

I really love the tutorials and skill in this place, which is sort of why I wanted to join the community, heh. And, from one of Jezelfs tutorials, I managed to produce this. Still a work in production, but not much left to to finish off. Oh and by the way, I tend to use photoshop for the majority of my stuff.

The place called Tafarik is actually meant to be full of trees and jungles, but I never figured out how to do those yet. Anyways, the goal of this was to create a map for an RPG me and a few friends are making.

So to sum up, hi, hope I get along with everybody, and hope I have good time here