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Thread: How To: EDGES of Parchment in GIMP?

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    Default How To: EDGES of Parchment in GIMP?

    What's a good way, other than freehand drawing them, to create good worn/torn/burned old parchment paper edges in GIMP? There seems to be a way to do everything in there so I wondered if there was a good way to do that as well.

    This is the tutorial I used to make the parchment:

    It seems like this is one of only like three tutorials for parchment on the whole entire Internet and another is on this site. The one on this site is a bit too advanced for me. There are surely more. Google pulls up a million links to the tutorial I used.

    I'm very new to GIMP and am using the latest version, 2.6.8.



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    Crap. A perfect answer to my question is in RobA's wonderful tutorial on this site. That's what I get for only doing a quick read on it before making this post. Lolz!

    Straight from his tutorial:

    Select all (ctrl-A), then reduce the selection by 40 (Selection->Shrink->40). Now
    distress the selection (Script-Fu-Selection-Distress). You might have to play a bit to
    get it to look OK for your image size: You can also get the selection less rectangular
    if you start with a selection made with the lasso tool:

    In my version, I had to go to Select->Distort to get the Script-Fu distress thingy.

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    I am having trouble getting the edges more straight and angular, though. They're so loopy and rounded and not torn looking.

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