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Thread: Augmented Reality Mapping

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    Default Augmented Reality Mapping

    I was browsing through some of TED's recent videos, today, and found this.
    Thought all you nuts would find this intriguing:

    By the way, for any of you who've not yet come across TED, I urge you to poke around. There are some really fantastic gems, here.

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    This is amazing. Technology in its purest form.

    It would be totally awesome to be able to make maps that you can zoom in and out of, as is shown in the beginning.

    Although it's a part of Microsoft's map service, the latter part with the street view and everything is not really cartography. But still incredible.

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    This is only more proof that MS has lost its way in the forest.

    Google already did this years ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by someguy View Post
    This is only more proof that MS has lost its way in the forest.

    Google already did this years ago.
    They did but they haven't managed to fully implement the video tracking software - now when they can make this contextual, that is when they win - either company. I don't really agree that it is augmented reality either, that is probably the wrong spin to put on it. That you can zoom in quicker and do fly-by's of the Niagara Falls is nice - and gives cartographers massive opportunities for 3D development - but it really is a gimmick.
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