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Thread: February Entry: Mine! Not Yours!

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    Post February Entry: Mine! Not Yours!

    Working with my son on this, so I'm not sure if we'll get it done.

    Just the map outline and rough text so far...

    The inset is a mine base set on the edge of a cliff (above ground). The main map is below, at 1/2 that scale showing below ground.

    The basic back-story is....

    You are asked to come to a gem mine to help. Several weeks back they had a collapse in one of the shafts, and a opening to a cave was revealed. Miners went in to investigate, but didn't come out. Then lizard-folk came out and captured the rest of the miners and took them under. A single adventurer went in previously and never came out...

    There is only the mine foreman left aboveground who promises you riches if you rid the mine of the lizard-folk. A few twists later (tidally flooding tunnels, toxic fungus, hidden chambers) it is revealed that there is a large cavern with a kraken in it that the lizard-fold are working with. The miners are being held prisoners to serve the kraken.

    Save the miners, kill the lizards, good luck with the kraken, and head home with the gems and a few other goodies

    All in inkscape, not sure if we'll be colouring it or not...Still need to do the cliff better, too.

    -Rob A>

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