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    Default Ongoing Medieval Warfare PBEM strategy game


    Haven't been posting into the forum lately, as I've been quite busy with creating the second version of my medieval war game in past months. We just ended the first game about a week ago and now we have started the second game.
    So I have created the game myself and I’m running it and I have 6 players currently in it. We play 2 rounds a week (by email) and this game will have max 25 rounds unless someone gets domination victory before that.
    I attached a partial map and the manual I had written (apologies, but I have it only in Finnish). The game had just recently started, so we don’t have too much going on yet, but you should get the idea anyway. I also attached an instruction pdf of the realm-Excel we have for each player containing the info of their cities and armies etc.

    Some game aspects:
    Expand you empire and make it stronger in many ways and try to destroy the others. You get victory points from your cities, armies, science, religious power and few other ways. So there are many ways to win the game depending how aggressive you want to be.
    You need to balance your production to make your strategy possible. Seek the strategic resources to enable further possibilities.
    Work through diplomacy to avoid war in more than one frontier. If you expand too fast or provoke your neighbors in other ways, you will end up going war with several players and most likely you will perish.
    Buy leaders to your armies to make them even stronger or you can buy leaders to your cities to boost production or increase your troop creation.
    There is a fog-of war and troops will see each other only if they get close enough. Troops can also stay undetected if they move smart and avoid open ground. What is more fun than getting you massive army to the hearth of your enemy undetected and then managing to rage several cities and escaping from it all.
    Cities are modular and you can build improvements depending on your need. But there is a shortage on module places in your cities, so you have think carefully what to build. For example you have to decide if you need fortifications to the city or do you want to build army command center to increase the number of your armies or increase your religion might or what.

    But enough of this now, if you want to know more, you have to learn Finnish and read the manual

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