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    Hi guys. I have a small project where I need some map objects like tree tops, brush ect. The style of map would be similar to how battle tech maps are made with greenery that impedes characters. I'd two two or three types of tree tops and a couple of brush types that I could use as objects in photoshop. How much would you charge for something like this and may I please see copies of your previous work.
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    You might want to check out the Mapping Elements forum. You might be able to find something that you can use aready done.
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    I'd try There's loads of trees on there.

    If you want to commission items from scratch then it would be useful to have a direct link to some sample of the style you would like. You mention a couple of brush types that you would like to use as objects? what kind of objects? What resolution would you need them to be? What's the timescale?

    There's a sticky at the top of the map request forum that covers many of these points. If you address them here you'll more complete responses.

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    There's also the Dundjinni User Submission forums...
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    Great suggestions guys. Thanks a lot.

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    Should we consider this "taken" then? Or are you still looking for people to do paid stuff?
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    I think we can consider this to be closed. Thanks again.

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