Hello all,

I am Gavin, living in Devon, UK and I have a vested interest in maps from their creation (which I have just started participating in) to writing about maps, which is my passion and the subject of the dissertation I am currently engaged in, titled 'Conformance and Equivalence in Cartography in the Digital Age,' a paper discussing the development of satellite imagery alongside huge reference maps such as Google Earth/Maps and what this will bring about for the paper based map. The degree I am hoping to achieve is a BA Writing w/ Digital Art Practices and this is going to make up 1/3 of my final mark so during my time on here anyone that reads this, feel free to drop me a line with some opinion, knowledge or rant - I could do with all the input I can get.

Like I said, I have only just begun creating my own designs but have seen some of the tutorials on this site and am looking forwards to getting involved.

Damn, that was like a job interview.

Hope all are well,