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    Post Greetings

    As i was surfing the net, minding my own business, i stumble upon this forum.

    Simply put: I am completely stunned. The maps are great, the tutorials are great, the people are great.

    But enough kissing your asses. Here is something about me: I'm 21, live in Vienna, study Mathematics, have a passion for history, fantasy, politics and (mostly strategy and RPG) games.

    I am making maps since I was, dunno, maybe 12 or so, never finished a map and failed in a brief attempt at teaching myself how to use software for mapmaking. I also repeatedly try and fail at worldbuilding, due to the fact that I am very demanding and I always stumble upon some details I am not sure of. (I am not that big in geology, astronomy, ecology, etc...)

    So finding this forum is just the right stimulus for me to try (and hopefully not fail) again.

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    Welcome to the Guild!
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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Welcome Al, gland you found the Guild. Yeah there's ton's of great information herein not only on the techniques of map-making, but on related information such as medieval economy, demographics and more (in fact both this thread, and this thread offer a helpful discussion of these topics) so have fun browsing the site, and, when you've experimented a bit, throw up a WIP and you'll receive all sorts of helpful feedback from the guild.



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    Welcome! No need to worry about a map being unfinished - after all, unfinished or incomplete isn't all bad. In fact, mapmakers for centuries have filled in the blanks with made-up stuff. So embrace incompleteness, print an explanation off to the side that the cartographer was eaten by something half-way through, and this is all you get for a schilling.

    But if the wonders of the Guild do inspire you to greater efforts, then dive in and go for it :-).

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    Thanks for the nice greetings and the support you are already showing me.

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