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    HI! Im new here....and wasnt actualy looking into cartography (<<is that the right term?) was just looking but i became very interested as I read......So i do have a few questions....what exactly are you making maps for? or of? Ive made hand drawn maps if thats what this is. ...and found that rather fun...... and last one how would you go about making a map in gimp?

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    First of all, welcome! Secondly, why do we do this? Probably because most of us have quite a rich imagination, and this imagination manifests itself in my slightly crazy head thinking up exotic and strange fantasy-lands. I guess it's quite easy to understand that some people who have this affliction want to map what their heads think up, before they get lost in their minds

    But in the end I think I can speak for everyone here that we make them for fun, and usually from scratch.

    For how we make maps, that's what this entire forum is about! I'm no expert on GIMP... or rather, I know zip about it. But a lot of people here do! That's what the forum is for, for answering that exact question. Which is slightly more complicated, since that fickle little sucker called taste comes peeking around the corner. Go look at what people here create, and figure out what you like, and try to look for tutorials on how to do that in the appropriate sections. This forum really is a treasure chest for people who want to artistically map things... I hope you have fun and that you manage to answer that last question by yourself.

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    Sounds like the reasons that Rpers Rp lolz or just write over active imagenations hmmm i think ill fit in fine here .......but for now i g2g pce

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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Welcome to the Guild!
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