My name is Steve and I live in Sierra Vista, AZ. If I want to see outside the U.S. I only have to point my gaze to the south; Mexico is extremely close. I moved to this extremely small city to take a job with the government working with the evil creation known as SharePoint but have sense seen the error of my ways and have became a contractor, taking work as a Tech Editor/Writer and loving this much more. I do work with spectrum analyzers and the EM environment at times as well, but I enjoy that aspect of the job as much as the writing.

I found your wonderful site via the magic of Google search and I was searching for such a site because of game playing requirements. I plan on starting a new game using the rule set of "GURPS" and though my usual campaign focus is on modern day or set slightly in the future, this time I thought I'd try a fantasy campaign. For that, I need to create a few maps.

So while new, I expect to stay and learn as much as I can from you more accomplished practitioners of the art of cartography.

Thanks in advance for all of the help I will garner from within this virtual tome of knowledge. I can already tell, from what little I've read on the forums, that you guys and gals are very good at what you do. This is no idle praise; I admire and admit to being a little jealous of your skills.

In short, I'm glad to be here. Nice to meet you all.