Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone wanted to make a map of a flying city in their spare time. There's no strict time constraints, though it would be great to have this within something like 3-4 weeks.

I really like the style of these maps:

Ideally however, the map would be a bit less cluttered as this city has not expanded in a millennium, and the buildings would be primarily white in colour.

Some main features of the city are:
  • The city sits upon a floating island basically, similar to Dalaran from World of Warcraft (fan art here)
  • A wizard's tower is located in the exact centre of the city, with a large open courtyard in front
  • Around the wizard's tower are a number of palaces and manors for the wealthy
  • In the northern part of the city are homes, as well as two temples, one about half again as large as the other
  • The eastern area contains a prominent university and library, as well as additional homes
  • The western area of the city consists of slightly larger buildings which are mostly merchant shops and warehouses, as well as one very large building that sits immediately on a main road
  • The very southern tip of the island the city sits upon has some wooden structures attached to it, like scaffolding (this one can be removed if it's difficult)

This map will probably cover an area of 3-4 square miles. I'll leave the dimensions up to you, but I'd like to be able to print it at about 7"x7" (though larger would be fine too) and possibly post it online.

As far as copyright goes, I would just like permission for personal use, as well as to post it online, and won't be using it for any commercial gain.

Thanks for any help!