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Thread: Fractal Terrains and CC3/Cosmographer - Best way to whip up a Sci-Fi world (Quickly)?

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    Question Fractal Terrains and CC3/Cosmographer - Best way to whip up a Sci-Fi world (Quickly)?

    I'm running a Battletech RPG campaign, and though there are hundreds (if not thousands) of named planets on the big BattleTech map, very very few are outlined at all, and even if so outlined, they often have no maps at all.

    As the characters hop from planet to planet pretty frequently, I'm looking for tips to streamline world map making to be about an hour or less for each planet need to generate.

    So far here is what I've done:
    1. Fractural Terrains Pro - Whip up a world with the continent/water settings I desire. Add rivers, a quick tweek here or there for climate, and I'm done. This works wonderfully.
    2. Export various formats and Save As CC2 files - I like the various BMP options which I can get from the Export menu in FT but I'm not getting any "overland" style maps or anything from the "Save As CC2" options which looks like I can easiily work with.
    3. ? I want to drop settlements and starports, etc. on one of the resulting maps, this is where I'm stuck.

    (I'd also like to be able to edit one "master" map and have the changes propagate. Meaning, I don't want to have to manually add say the same starport to each and every CC2 export file. So I'd imagine the best thing to do is have some sort of master CC2 file from which other views can be generated, but I'm not sure this is possible).
    Which export options/work flow do you recommend?

    Also, the export to Cosmographer Template seems to be broken. When I open the FCW file it is just a blank hex map with a big red "x" in the middle.

    Suggestions for workflow/specific export/save as options?
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