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Thread: D&D style maps of actual dungeons, keeps, and castles?

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    Post D&D style maps of actual dungeons, keeps, and castles?

    I'm a big fan of Turgenev's old school D&D style maps.

    I'm inspired to make some of my own, but as I look through some of my creations from Middle School, they strike me as preposterous. There are, for example, no bathroom facilities. Where did all those demon lords and goblins go to the bathroom? Not to mention eat, get fresh water, etc.

    So I would like to try my hand at making a slightly more sophisticated dungeon, one in which the floor plan makes sense. You know, instead of opening this door and there's a room with two goblins in it, you get the part where the goblins slept, ate, stored their weapons, etc. I think this would be cool.

    But my imagination fails me.

    So does anybody know of maps like those old D&D style maps, but rendered of actual dugeons, keeps, and castles? Anybody know where I can get some of those? I think studying them would be very instructive, and the dungeons you could make as a result of this study much more believable.
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