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    Default Photoshop toturial on

    Hi all. I am trying to make my first map, learning what to do from

    The toturial is:

    Okay, here is the problem. After i gone to "Filter" and "Render" and choose "clouds" things are okay until i "HUE/SATURATION" colors in clouds. There is a little hand scowing all the time and i cant choose any tools at all.

    Whats happend?

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    Hit your spacebar a few times. Sometimes my Photoshop gets gummed up and thinks I'm pressing the spacebar when I'm really not. It doesn't seem to be a hardware issue since it never happens outside of PS.
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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    well, thah actually helped... God know why. But thanks buddy... )

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    Glad I could help!
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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